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What to Do With an iPad?

By | August 10, 2017

Now that you’re a lucky recipient of an iPad, you’re probably wondering about all the different things you can do with it. Yes, there are a billion upon zillion different activities you can use this amazing device to accomplish everything from playing games, watching movies, reading magazines, newspapers and books, taking photographs plus much more. Although you may consider yourself to be a tech geek of sorts, going over some tricks and how-to tips will not only help newbies, but will reinforce some necessary knowledge of even well experienced users in order to get the best out of your iPad. Here are some tips that you can examine and follow:

Folder Creation – in order to create a folder in your iPad, simply press your finger down on an App until you see all of the installed apps on your device start to wiggle. They just drag the selected App over an icon and then lift your finger off the screen. A folder is created that will include both apps and it. You can name the folder whatever you want as well as rename it whenever you want.
what to do with an ipad
Securing Data – in the event that someone gains access to your iPad, there is a device function that can delete all of your information if someone tries to enter your password 10 times without success. Go to”Settings>General>Passcode Lock>Erase Data” to activate this function.

Control Notifications – setting a notification is a great way to never miss out on important information. However, these pop up no skin be annoying. You can control which notifications you do receive, even setting it to zero, by going to your “Settings> Notifications” where you can configure which alerts you wish to receive an associate these with selected sounds.

Select a Specific Wi-Fi Network – by joining one specific Wi-Fi network, iPad users can eliminate all those pesky pop-ups asking you to join another network. Simply go to “Settings> Wi-Fi and disable the function “Ask to Join Networks.” Now you will never be notified every single time you come within distance of an existing Wi-Fi network.

Use an Apple Keyboard – keyboard lovers will be happy to find out that any Bluetooth keyboard, and all Apple wireless keyboards, completely compatible with your iPad.

Connect to Your Television – using Apple’s new Digital AV adapter, or regular Apple VGA adapter, you can connect your iPad2 to a high-definition television…