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Use iPhone Apps on Your New iPad

By | August 10, 2017

How to use iPhone applications on iPad and iPad2Anyone who already owns an iPhone probably has quite a few apps installed. And now that your new owner of an iPad, you’ll be happy to know that you can use the same apps you have installed on your iPhone on your new tablet. There’s no need to install each individual app from your iPhone to your iPad since you can sync all your apps appearing on your phone to your new iPad through using iTunes on your computer.



There are several steps you need to take including:

  1. You need an active account on iTunes to sync your apps. Download the latest version from the Apple website to your computer.
  2. Now establish a connection between the computer and iPhone using the USB cable that came with your phone purchase. Only make a connection once you have iTunes installed on your computer. Once the cable is connected, iTunes will alert you that a connection has been made.
  3. Go to the section on the iTunes left panel called “Devices.” Find the name of your iPhone to see available syncing options. Click on the sync button that is visible on the right side corner at the bottom of iTunes. The syncing process will take some time so be patient. This will depend upon the size of the data that needs to be transferred. All the apps on your iPhone and other data can be made available to the iPad through iTunes syncing to your computer. You will see an alert once the syncing is done so you can disconnect your iPhone from your computer.
  4. Now connect your iPad to your computer. This is accomplished through use of the USB connection cable that came when you purchased your iPad. The iTunes account you have on your iPad will argue to your successful connection by listing the name of your iPad under the devices section, just as it did when connected to your iPhone. Click on the name of your iPad appearing at the topside of iTunes and click on “Apps.” Now you will see a complete list of apps that can be synced to your iPad. If you do not wish to sync certain apps, deselect these before you begin. Once you’re ready with your selections, click on “Apply.” Although selected Apps will be synced to your new iPad for your immediate and future enjoyment.