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How to Print from an iPad

By | August 10, 2017

Many people wonder how to print from iPad because while the iPad has wireless printer support, finding the right printer can be tough. But, with the right software, you can wirelessly print to any printer, even if it isn’t Airprint-enabled. You just need a few things before you can print off iPad documents. Overall, this should just take a few minutes to initially setup.airprint-wireless-printers

The problem with printing from an iPad is that you need an Airprint-enabled printer. While you could go out and buy one, you probably don’t want to waste the money just to print from your iPad. Besides, there is a better solution.

(here is a list of Airprint-enabled printers http://ipod.about.com/od/usingios4/f/Airprint-Compatible-Printers.htm) :)

The Printopia program is essential if you don’t have an Airprint-enabled printer. This program is able to instantly open up your printer so your iPad can detect and print from it. While there are many of these programs around, Printopia is one of the best. Most other programs change your OS settings, which can be dangerous. Printopia functions independently from the OS, so you don’t have to worry about buggy system settings destroying your computer.

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Download Printopia and install on your computer. Then, go to “System Settings” and look for the Printopia icon. Click the “On” button, and any wireless printers that are associated with your computer will show up in the Printopia program.

Click the checkbox near the printer to make it an Airprint-enabled device. If you want to save to Dropbox or a folder on your computer, click the plus-sign button and select either, “Save to Folder on Mac” or “Save to Folder in Dropbox.” Both of these allow you to send the file to your computer, rather than to the printer.printopia

Here is where the actual printing happens. Turn on your iPad and open an app, the browser or anything else. Select the “Options” button near the bottom and tap the “Print” button.

Tap the “Printer” button and choose between the different printers available. If the printer you want to print from is already displayed, then you don’t need to do this. Under the “Copy” section, use the minus and plus signs to signify how many copies you want to make. If you plan on making multiple copies, then it would be best to print a test one first, just to make sure it looks good.

The, tap the “Print” button and the document will start printing from your printer.

After the printing is finished, open Printopia again and turn it to “Off.” While you can keep the printer in Airprint mode, this can be a bad idea if anyone else nearby has an iPad, iPhone or iPod because other people can print from your printer.

Many people wonder, “how can I print from my iPad?” The answer is fairly simple. While it seems a little long, all of this will take a few minutes to do, so even a novice computer user can easily have an Airprint-enabled printer. Just remember to turn off Printopia when you are finished, because you don’t want other people to use your printer.…