Looking to Sync an iPad to a New Computer

By | August 10, 2017

How to Synchronize an iPad with a new computer system.OK – so you’re no tech geek but you always marvel at those types that can do anythi9ng and everything on even their smart phone while you stumble about just trying to download an App. Sometimes you just give up trying to plug in your iPod, iPhone and, now, your new iPad getting prompts and messages you have to erase everything and start again because you can’t sync to a specific iTunes library. The challenge many who are not geekafied don’t understand is that all your tech devices are not synced to a laptop computer. Oh, no. The “secret: is that all your devices are actually synced to an iTunes library. The success lies in moving a library from an old computer to a new one so your iPad never catches on it’s in a new location.

Moving Files Successfully

Users that have allowed iTunes to implement the default settings, that is, letting the program organize your files for you instead of manually locating them somewhere else on the computer, should be able to move all media files easily and successfully. Access is needed to both an old and new computer, so, before “unloading” your old one, make sure you can get the new one together with the old. You also need a method for transferring data between the two that can handle a large amount of files. The quickest way would be through use of a local Ethernet network, connecting the two machines. However, if not linking both computers, using a USB stick or an external hard drive will work. Here are the steps to conduct for a successful transfer:

  • Sync Your iPad–By plugging it into your old computer for one last visit. Open iTunes and right-click under “Devices” choosing “sync.” After you’ve completed this, unplug the tablet and put it to the side. Go to Edit>Preferences (Windows) or iTunes>Preferences (Macintosh). Right-click on the iTunes folder choosing “Get info” to find the size. Make sure you have enough room on a USB stick or hard drive.
  • Copy this iTunes folder (not Media) to your chosen storage device and connect to your new computer. Connect to the new computer and download the iTunes folder here.
  • Connect the iPad to the new computer, Click the Apps tab. This should reveal a sync box already established. Make sure to make a back-up to any data transferred. But, your new iPad is now synched to be used with the “old” iTunes library now in a new computer.

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