How to Maximize iPad Battery Lifespan – Tips

By | August 10, 2017

Without a doubt, the Apple iPad is a fantastic machine. However, in order to get the most use out of your new technologically wonderful device, you’ll need to follow a few care tips about how to keep your battery running as long as you possibly can. This new device – your Apple iPad – may just get you addicted where using it so much compels the battery to run out quite quickly. Although the following tips are fairly much common sense types that probably won’t surprise any tech geeks, newbies and the less than technologically superior can discover different methods towards improving battery life including:


1. Stay Out Of The Sun – never leave any kind of computer technologically-based device sitting out in the open on a car seat under. There is nothing better than strong heat to kill batteries quickly. Furthermore, not only does heat drain battery life, it is a quick killer. Batteries exposed to heat that used to hold a charge for hours eventually hold no charge at all and need to be replaced. Always store your device in a cool place.

2.Turn Down The Brightness – a good way to waste a lot of battery life is to keep an iPad screen at its maximum brightness constantly. Most computer screens, and tablets, have bright screens already and really do not need to be set to the maximum output. Go to “Settings> Brightness& Wallpaper where you can adjust the brightness level and more than likely function easily keeping it as low as 30 percent always.

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3.Use Auto-Lock – even though you have set the screen brightness to an economical point, make sure that you have set your screen or a lock so it will turn off quickly once it is not being used. Go to “General> Auto-Lock making sure to set the screen lock to activate as soon as the device will allow it.

4. Use Airplane Mode – like to play angry birds? Do you like to play it for hours at a time? If so, there’s absolutely no reason to stay hooked to the Internet. Therefore, always consider using Airplane Mode that turns off both a Wi-Fi connection and wireless radio. Sure, you won’t be able to access any IM or e-mails, but what the heck, you’re busy playing Angry Birds. The better reason is that whenever you’re on the go and happen to hit inconsistent connection areas, your iPad will try to kiss a connected always. This activity will easily drain your battery.

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