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    Biochemical characteristics, antibiotic susceptibility patterns, and clinical significance. The lesions improved gradually after 10 days of treatment and infection ceased completely, leaving hyperpigmented scars on the lower right leg Figure 3. Reviews Baron EJ. On the day of the isolation of Serratia marcescens from the ICU , an extensive, environmental, microbiological sampling was done. Yu VL.
    breast wound culture serratia breast wound culture serratia

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    Morphology and culture

    Authors: Celine Herra, M. D, FTCD. It operates as a true opportunist producing infection whenever it gains access to a suitably compromised host. Patients most at risk include those with debilitating or immunocompromising disorders, those treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics and patients in ICU who are subjected to invasive instrumentation. The indwelling urinary catheter is a major risk factor for infection. Not surprisingly, common infections include urinary tract infection in patients with indwelling catheters, respiratory tract infection in intubated patients and bloodstream infection in post-surgical patients, especially in those with intravenous catheters.
    breast wound culture serratia breast wound culture serratia

    Pathogenesis and clinical pictures

    We investigated the cause of the increase in frequency of the isolation of Serratia marcesens from hospitalized patients. The isolates from the patients and the surrounding environmental sources were examined by using standard techniques. Further, the isolates of Serratia marcescens were identified, depending upon their biochemical and morphological characteristics. Results: Seven isolates of Serratia marcescens were identified six from the patients in the ICU and one from the soap dispenser in the ICU among a total of isolates from the clinical samples and 84 isolates were identified from the environmental sources in the ICU. Discussion and Conclusion: An outbreak of the Serratia marcescens infection in the ICU was traced to the extrinsic contamination of the soap dispenser in the ICU, as after the removal of the dispenser, no further case occurred. Serratia marcescens is an opportunistic, gram negative, nosocomial pathogen which belongs to family, Enterobacteriaceae.
    breast wound culture serratia breast wound culture serratia
    By [Brittany Currey] Serratia marcescens , a rod-shaped gram-negative bacterium 0. It metabolizes by either respiratory or fermentative processes classifying it as a chemoorganotroph 4. Ubiquitous in nature, S. In particular, food sources that provide a nutrient rich environment include starchy variants The bacterium propels itself in these different environments using peritrichous flagellum 4.
    breast wound culture serratia breast wound culture serratia

    Serratia Marcescens

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