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    I found a pole called the x-pole and it says you can do all the tricks on it just like any other pole but you don't have to mount it to anything. You may have trouble using the spinning mode, though. Find a Class. Our final product comes Amzdeal, another company that does not truly specialize in anything particular but offers a broad selection of products. First, this product comes with a carrying bag to help make transporting it easier.
    best home stripper pole best home stripper pole


    All Stripper Poles Custom Built in the U.S.A.

    Updated September 11, by Melissa Harr. We spent 46 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options for this wiki. Stripper poles are not just for gentlemen's clubs anymore. You can add an exotic touch to your workout regimen with one of these or just have a bit of bedroom fun. We've included those that set up fast to get you spinning in minutes and come down easily enough for taking on romantic vacations, as well as sturdier, more permanent models that can handle the most vigorous routines.
    best home stripper pole best home stripper pole

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    While the most common idea of a dancing pole that pops into your head may involve dark, smoke-filled rooms and scantily clad ladies, these days that stigma has been replaced by an appreciation for the art and physical fitness a dancing pole can offer. Though studios may provide guidance and community, being able to use a dancing pole at home is also appealing. The answer to this question will depend as much on what you intend to use the dancing pole for as much as the innate qualities of the pole itself. Obviously, a sturdy pole that can support your full body weight is a must, but what about the ability to easily put it up or take it down? Also, do you want the pole to facilitate different types of tricks or simply be static? With those and other features differing depending on the pole chosen, it can be difficult figuring out which pole is the best pole for home use.
    best home stripper pole best home stripper pole
    Have you ever fantasized about dancing on a polished brass or a polished stainless steel pole - your very own dance pole? Now you can buy a stripper pole for your own home and do your pole dancing and pole fitness routines whenever you please! PoleDanzer PartyPole stripper poles are hand-crafted in California. PoleDanzer makes spinning poles also known as rotator poles as well as portable poles for your pole dancing pleasure. Pole fitness is the latest way to get in shape and tone your body!
    best home stripper pole best home stripper pole

    Best Stripper Poles Under $200

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