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    VN ABZ go hard. North Side Asian boyz based in San Gabriel valley started out with Cambodian and Filipino members but now mainly Vietnamese and Chinese founded by a long beach ABZ member who recruited a few members in Newark , Downy , Cerritos , Whittier area before finally setting up in the San Gabriel valley For a brief time there was a central side Asian boyz in the la Canada and Korean areas. G's of ABZ shortly after the pool hall shooting accident. Youre wrong. The next chink with a dick longer than 2 inches will be the first, why do nips and gooks and sand monkeys all have small dicks,…and they are all pussys and look like idiots.
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    Asian boyz is a gang started out in the late 80's in the Los Angeles area, although it is generally stated that it started out in long beach that is not really correct. In the late 80's there were 3 separate gangs called the Asian boyz. Both gangs itself traces its roots to 2 crews sometimes called teenage rapists tr tr is where Tiny Raskal came from and another crew called ultimate new wave or ultimate wave warriors which has been said is where ABZ came from. Of course there were tr members that got into ABZ and ultimate members who got into trg. An alliance that no longer exists.
    van nuys asian boyz van nuys asian boyz

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    ABZ bunch of tweakers and net bangers, they need to make some money to be able to afford some protein shakes and hit the gym. All you guys are stupid loud wannabe tough guys. And then I use to beat the eggrolls out of them. It was fun, but now Im looking for somebody with more of a sales background. Ummm excuse me this is not the guy thats responsible for the DDS cafe shooting where they left Alan Lai dead. A very wishfull happy new year till ….
    van nuys asian boyz van nuys asian boyz
    I aint gonna lie. VN ABZ go hard. We all started off the same defending ourselves from racists. I guess we lost our way. Your homeboys just run, duck for cover, snitch and hide. They came down to sgv. They already know WSup now.
    van nuys asian boyz van nuys asian boyz

    Who are the Asian Boyz?

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